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What I Hope to Learn in CS3216

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To summarize, I would like to get my hands dirty.

Before I know CS3216, all the programming modules I have taken are not teaching by project. In my own opinion, I believe that to learn programming well, you must build something while learning the theory which support it. That’s the main reason why I am here for CS3216 as it promises us with learning through coding in projects.

And it’s also said that CS3216 is a good platform and community to meet good classmates and professors. I think this is where I will meet the guys from CS1101S and CS2020 path and catch up with them. I just can’t wait to code and learn together with them.

At last, as we can choose the final project topic ourselves, it’s really a good chance for us to make our ideas come to life. I wish at the end of the module, everyone (at least I) will feel satisfied after completing our own project.

Let the hacking coding begin!

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