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Lesson of Growth Hacking

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I almost forget to blog about the lesson learned from BjornLee’s Talk on Monday, here are some key points which I feel like to point out:

  1. Good marketing strategy ≠ Cost a lot of money
  2. 5 Steps of Customer Life Cycle – Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue. I think the presentation gives an awesome guide on Acquisition and Activation part.
  3. Try fast, this is really something I need to practice, a lot of ideas just burst because I didn’t try fast.
  4. Getting user feedback is an art. I still remember about the part he mentioned about how he spent so much time on understanding housewife life so that he could get best user feedback.
  5. A whole room of technical people listening to a ‘biz’ guy talking about marketing is really fun.

In summary, even through I am not going to be the one talking to customer in the future, it’s still useful to know these tips. In the end, I will be the one building the product, if I don’t know how to get feedback from my user, I can’t imagine what will happen then. :P